Building a great sales team!

Building a great sales team!

 This is critical for nearly every company on the planet. You are as good as your people and getting them to operate as an effective and happy unit is critical.

Ask yourself these questions:

How well is my team/s performing?

How much more could you be getting out of them?

Is anything holding them back from true greatness?

Are the people on your teams happy to be there?

How could you support them to make them even better?

What would they say about your leadership?

Here are a selection of leadership strategies / thoughts to get you thinking about creating an awesome team.


  1. Lead from the front – Show your team you have all skills, gain their respect and they will work hard to show you they can do it to
  2. Create a team that is agile and flexible – Give them the space to be creative there are many ways to get the results you need
  3. Ensure there is a shared vision – Lets all head in the same direction
  4. Help your team to create their own USP’s – Get an identity, be unique
  5. Positivity – Spread the message of success, believe in your team, create the feeling of invincibility
  6. Set achievable targets – Create that winning feeling, celebrate individual and team success
  7. Keep it simple – Avoid too much paperwork and bureaucracy don’t hinder the team
  8. Get together – Not just for meetings but for team social events, do some spontaneously
  9. Fun – A happy team member is a more productive team member, remember people like or need different things
  10. Negativity – Spot it very quickly and deal with it, do you change a process?, do you talk to a team member who has an issue, do not let it spread
  11. Reward – Don’t be afraid to praise success or to reward a great team member for a smart or kind decision, use them as an example of the way forward
  12. Leader – Select your best and most influential team member get them to help you get the best out of the team, they will have the insight and the opportunity to guide and influence the team and give you early warning a potential challenges
  13. New blood – Always be looking for new team members situations change very quickly and good people who can deliver should not be ignored, if your market is big enough and your infrastructure can cope keep growing!
  14. New – No matter your product set how can you freshen it up, can you give the team something new to talk to clients about it could be price, product, approach
  15. Face to face – Get your team in front of clients as often as you can, try and attend a meeting with each team member

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