Guide to salaries in the apprenticeship market 2019

I thought this would be a good time to evaluate the current salaries available in the apprenticeship marketplace. It is hard to be as specific as I would like as each employer has their own history and view on the appropriate level of salary. We must also take into account that different geographical locations do have a significant impact on the salary available; the major towns and cities do tend to pay 10-15% more than those in a more rural setting. Another thing to throw into the mix is the choice of job title often it does not convey the full nature of the role and this can work both ways. I have seen roles called “Apprenticeship Delivery Managers” which actually mirror “Employer Engagement Executives” and I have seen “Assessment Team Leaders” also called “Operations Managers”. I am not for a moment suggesting one is right or wrong only that we need to be aware of certain ambiguities. All that aside I have put together a selection of job titles with salary indicators. The list of course is not exhaustive but should give a flavour of the current market. If you wish to chat through anything relating to apprenticeships / recruitment then please do not hesitate to reach out 0203 953 1984.

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