Uni to go or not to go……

It is great to see so many young people looking to continue their education and gain new skills by heading off to university.

However, university is just one of the possible routes that are available to young people today.

More needs to be done to promote vocational qualifications and apprenticeships to young people, and show them that, far from being a lesser option, these routes can lead to real success too.

There seems to be a view that university is a ‘golden ticket’ to a great career, while other routes are for those ‘not good enough’ to make it to university.

With recent statistics saying that some 60% of university graduates end up having to take low-skilled work after college, coupled with the debts that a university education can incur, it is clear that we need to consider all of the available options.

Apprenticeships, for example, have received a lot of publicity in recent months, and rightly so, with apprentices showing a higher level of job satisfaction than their university graduate peers.

Vocational qualifications and apprenticeships offer direct work experience that simply cannot be taught in a classroom, making them appealing to employers too.

With increasing numbers of these courses and programmes becoming available, it is certainly worth exploring your options fully. Don’t forget you earn while you learn with an apprenticeship so you get no debt, a qualification and hopefully a great job at the end of your apprenticeship.

There are also other routes to gain a degree without the costs of traditional university, such as via distance learning where you study at home and complete the degree in your own time frame or a sponsored degree, where your fees are paid for you by the employer!

University is just one of many great options for young people, but it is a case of making sure young people and their parents are given access to all the information and options, so they can make the right choice for themselves, their careers, and the future. So check out websites such as www.notgoingtouni.co.uk and explore 1,000’s of live opportunities and watch case study videos of young people who chose an alternative route.


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